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“Snooze, you lose” — a well known saying that goes hand in hand with everything our parents taught us about creating & keeping good habits by waking up bright and early to start our day. But, are those habits actually good for us, or do we require a bit more…


When we experience grief, some of us place food at the bottom of our priorities, while some of us turn to it for comfort. Either way, we’re sending mixed signals to our bodies and minds, and therefore, not getting the right response. I know it’s hard to shift focus when…

Karla Tafra

It can be so hard to forgive someone, understand their actions, and logically comprehend why they made those choices in the first place. It can be even harder forgiving ourselves when we do something we regret or feel terrible about. Many times we decide to punish ourselves for our mistakes…

Karla Ilicic

Freelance writer, yoga teacher, nutritionist, and content creator with a strong passion for health, wellness, fitness, travel, relationships, and good food :)

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